Why Greece

Greece is history at every step in this country. Ιn fact it’s harder to avoid ruins than to find them.
But the country goes beyond its glorious history.
What truly makes Greece unique, are the unknown facets of this amazing country and an emphasis on taking the time to enjoy life. It’s the unspoilt island life, incredible food, quiet beaches, walks through tranquil olive groves and a complete distancing from the stress of modern high paced life.
It is also the luxurious yet unpretentious resorts, extraordinary yachting experiences and a party scene which is second to none.
Greece is the destination that makes you feel like you want to return back after each visit.


φῐλοξενῐ́ᾱ = love of strangers

The roots of hospitality live deep in the hearts of the Greek people. The Greek word for hospitality, “philoxenia”, literally translates as “friend to a stranger” and refers to the act of welcoming and caring for a stranger in one’s home.
Greece is therefore the ultimate host for a destination wedding, milestone celebration and social gatherings.
Discover the breathtaking & diverse venues overlooking UNESCO world heritage sites, Medieval castles or a simple secluded bay.
We welcome you to join us on this journey!

Greek Destination Planners Association

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